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Now we noticed that Smart homes are clearly the way of the future. Every day new smart home technology is being created to make our lives easier, simpler and safer. If you’ve already covered the smart home basics, it’s time to turn your attention to advanced smart home systems.

One of the best investments you can make is a smart home security system. It might cost more upfront, but these systems provide superior protection for your entire home, including all the expensive smart home gadgets that are inside.

Why Smart Home Security is a Better Investment Than Traditional Systems

To fully understand the real world differences between smart home security and traditional security we got the opinion of the pros at Black Hat Security. They offer home security in Phoenix that’s based on the latest technology. To get an idea of why smart home security is superior, all you have to do is consider how the equipment works.

With the addition of the Prometheus to your house, you now have the ability to control your appliances

from anywhere in the world using the Internet. With Just a click of a mouse, you are now able to switch

your house lights you forgot to turn off when leaving the house.

The objective of our project is to establish a working control system which will use power modulation to

communicate and control home appliances. This project in particular, is aimed to be used within a house

to control appliances such as light bulbs, coffee makers, and toasters. The major advantage of our

product from similar devices on the market is that we are aiming to add extensive security to the

already existing power modulation communication protocol. Moreover, many existing products have

non-intuitive user interface, causing the user experience to be rather unpleasant. With the design of

Prometheus, we are aiming to provide simple and innovative user interaction with the product.